Citrus series

Citrus series

Aihara Yuzu, an innocent high school girl, transfers into a prestigious girl's academy after her mother remarries. On her first day she sees student council president Aihara Mei kiss her teacher! And at home, Yuzu learns that Mei is her new step sister?!Citrus Scale refers to the code system meant to inconspicuously designate explicit sexual content via tagging it with names of various citrus fruit. Originating from 2000s anime communities, the system was returned to use by Tumblr users in early 2019 following the Tumblr Porn Ban.Want to watch the anime Citrus? Try out MyAnimeList's free streaming service of fully licensed anime! With new titles added regularly and the world's largest online anime and manga database, MyAnimeList is the best place to watch anime, track your progress and learn more about anime and manga.

Citrus is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Saburouta. The series was serialized in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime from November 2012 to August 2018 and is licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment. A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Passione aired between January and March 2018Online manga reader for scanlations released by Dynasty Scans and other Yuri groups.Yuzu Aihara loves fashion, friends, and having fun! But when her mom remarries and she’s forced to transfer schools, this fashionable teen’s sweet life turns sour. On her first day, she makes enemies with the beautiful student council president, Mei, who also winds up being her brand-new stepsister. But nothing can prepare Yuzu for a surprise kiss from this girl who supposedly hates her!

Citrus is a Japanese yuri manga series written and illustrated by Saburouta and published by Ichijinsha. The manga has even been translated in English. It also has a 12 episode anime television series adaptation. Citrus has 10 volumes filled with romance, passion, and friendship.

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