Ingress ว ธ สร าง portal ios

Ingress ว ธ สร าง portal ios

Use the portal fill color to denote if the portal is unclaimed with no recent activity. Shades of red from one week to one month, then tinted to purple for longer. May also highlight captured portals that are stuck and fail to decay every 24 hours.Valve’s Portal game needs no introduction. If you are a gamer, you may have heard or played Portal at least once. Now the same game can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Download Portal For iOS. A fan made Portal game is available in the Apple Store.Ingress invades iOS: Google's augmented reality game hits iPhone. Google reaches across the aisle to Apple's platform with its hit game, which sees you running around real-world locations claiming.

Ingress for iOS. You’ll see the best examples of iOS app design. This article has collected not only applications with amazing design, but also with a design thatshiopupu Ingress Portal with Guardian Portal, Ingress Map, Google Map, Waze Navigation, Resonators Count, Portal Level Informations in Japan YAMAGUCHI HANAOKA KASADO Ingress Intel AgentsPlease feel free to contact me anytime via Email or social media by clicking those icons.Or Call me at 186 **** 9066.Please Note:This page will redirect to GEJOIN.COM in 20 seconds.

玩Ingress最痛苦的就是你处于一个二线城市,连一个Portal都没有,同城的玩家又懒得去申请Portal. 每天你只能看着G+ Ingress社群的菊苣们发着战报讨论战术,然后痛恨自己怎么生活在这么个破地方.

Ingress ว ธ สร าง portal ios download

Agents can submit edits of portals to be evaluated via Niantic Wayfarer.They can also submit portal removals to Niantic. To access this fuctionality, tap the portal to bring up its information card, then tap the name, description, level, or photo of the portal.Welcome to the world of Ingress Prime, Agent. The fate of this universe, and perhaps others, depends on you. The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two Factions. Cutting-edge XM technologies have completely transformed the Ingress Scanner, and it is now waiting for you to join this battle. THE WORLD IS YOUR GAME Explore the.为了玩Ingress用uber打车丈量城市… 为了参加ingress assembly经常飞到一些奇怪的地方…比如Charleston 为了炸portal经常一天走上20+km… 浑身上下穿的都是enlightened装备… 每天带着自制红茶白兰地 穿着enlightened装备 拿着手机满城市满世界到处乱走 就是这么任性…

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You can gain Action Points (AP) from the following actions. The more you gain, the higher your Access Level will be.Ingress portal level calculator that helps the ingress game players. Ingress is a multiplayer online location-based reality game. There are various level in the game. Portal level is a summary level, based on various resonator levels deployed on specific portal. You must work together with other players to build higher level portals.Find Ingress Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Ingress and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Explore more on Ingress. Features Launched for Android and iOS.