Easy tempo cinematic jazz vol 6

Easy tempo cinematic jazz vol 6

Seminal, deeply Underground session by the legendary Italian Library studio combo with tones of sleazy sounds starting from the Psychedelic guitar riffs, the crazy tough Funk and the groovy sharped beats to the lovely Jazz arranged theme music influenced by Samba, Bossa Nova and Easy Listening vibes of the time.Royalty Free Big Band Albums for video, YouTube, film, TV, DVD, games and apps. Instantly customize to any length. Royalty Free Music made easy!Easy Tempo Vol. 4 - A Cinematic Listening Experience 1997 Soundtrack CD Easy Tempo Vol. 5 - A Slammin' Cinematic Experience 1998 Soundtrack CD Easy Tempo Vol. 6 - A Cinematic Jazz Experience 1998 Soundtrack CD Easy Tempo Vol. 7 - Bikini Beat 1999 Soundtrack CD Easy Tempo Vol. 8 - Cinematica!! Soundtrack Easy Tempo Vol. 9 - The Ultimate.

Cinematic Jazz Discography Project. Collector's Guides & Discographies. Cinematic Jazz, piano solo. List of albums/singles by catalogue number:The whole series could not be a more brilliant showcase of the dedication behind "background" music of 1960's & 1970's Italian movies - that just because they are "scores" does NOT mean they can't be brilliant on their own as: easy listening, bossa nova, 60's spy themes, Class A jazz tracks, dance chill, or as fun lounge tracks.Easy Tempo Vol. 5: A Slammin' Cinematic Experience. easy tempo vol. 6. Great lounge jazz mixes and the fidelity sounds better on this disc than some of the.

Apply the jazz language you double-timed in step 6 to faster tempos, but now it won’t be double-timed. Playing the line as eighth notes at a fast tempo should be a similar speed as double-timed at a slower tempo. Make sure to practice improvising variations of transcribed jazz language, based upon what you hear. Get beyond regurgitation.

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It was subtitled "a cinematic easy listening experience," but there is much more to this disc than mere mood music. In fact, the contents of Easy Tempo, Vol. 1 cover a wild array of styles within the generic bounds of the easy listening tag.Cinematic Indie Rock 2 follows the ethos of Volume 1, with more mind-expanding shoegaze Rock with real instruments including lucid guitar riffs, punchy drums, and incisive bass combined with beaming synths for an emotive film soundtrack. Inspired by great bands such as Massive Attack, UNKLE, Enigma, Ride, The Verve, Spiritualised, Radiohead and.Jazzing 6, vol. 1 15€ « I learn every day from my students, who don’t stop teaching me that we have no limits, that we always can advance, that enjoying every moment we are unconsciously aware that the best is yet to come, but not because that we live waiting, because, once and again, we are in the best moment: the present.

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Easy Tempo 6: Cinematic Jazz at Amazon. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.thanks for your time. i've gotten recommendations for many great albums from you, r/jazz. i'm a drummer and most of what i play/practice is high tempo stuff and thus my sense of tempo at slow tempos is shotty. if anyone has recommendations for jazz at slow tempos (not necessarily ballads, but anything does), it would be instrumental in my development as a well rounded musician. again, thanks.View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1998 Vinyl release of Easy Tempo Vol. 6 (A Cinematic Jazz Experience) on Discogs.