Al bhed primer vol i

Al bhed primer vol i

Scroll down to read our guide named "All The Key Items" for Final Fantasy X-2 on PlayStation 2 (PS2), or click the above links for more cheats.Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII. Found in the floor inside the eastern most house in Guadosalam. Al Bhed Primer Vol Al bhed primer vol i. XIV. Al Bhed Primer XIV can be obtained in Rin's Shop. Talk to everyone then to Rikku before following Yuna into the room. Moon Crest. The Venus Crest can be obtained in the Farplane.Pick-up Al Bhed Primer (Vol. XX) on a bed after defeating a group of Guado Guardians and Dual Horns. 10: A Treasure Chest can also be found in the area. You have the.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. 1 Tidus finds himself floating in a strange ruin with no idea where he is. When you regain control, head to the far west and east sides of the first screen to find a chest with.The Al Bhed Primer is a special trade accessory that can only be obtained via Battlegen in a battle against a Friend Card of Jecht, and is used to create the Wyrmhero Blade. When the item description is translated from Al Bhed, it reads "Give my best to Y, R, and P".Before doing anything, walk over to the north side of the deck and pick up the book off the floor. This is the Al Bhed Primer vol. I. One down, 25 to go! Next, talk with one of the Al Bhed men to obtain a few Potions.

Al Bhed Primer Volume I: Found on the deck of the Al Bhed salvage ship early on. Missable. If missed, you can get it in the north-eastern area of the Sanubia Desert Oasis.

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Now I'm getting ready to fight SIN, but i still have a few things to do before this fight. also with this guide, I have all AL BHED PRIMER volume's 1~26 or should i say, I~~XXVI Al bhed primer vol i. Before i got this guide, I was missing 15 of them, and was in the process of backtracking to find them.- Volumes 1, 3, and 14 can be regained in the Desert Oasis. You can still get them if you missed them the first chance you had to get them Al bhed primer vol i. - When Al Bhed people are speaking, the translated text is the red letters.Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII. The Al Bhed Primer will be automatically obtained from Rin before setting out to fight the Chocobo Eater. Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX. The Al Bhed Primer IX is in the ground at the area before reaching the end of the Highroad. Mars Crest. The Mars Crest can be obtained at the end of the oldroad.

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เมื่อมาถึงมูนโฟลวฝั่งเหนือให้ไปทางด้านซ้าย ใกล้ๆพ่อค้าโออาก้ามี Al Bhed Primer Vol.12 อยู่ คุยกับอารอนและไปทางด้านซ้านอีกที เก็บหีบ.Al Bhed Primer vol. XXVI (near last four treasure chests) Teleport Sphere (activate the two glyphs) Friend Sphere; Magic Sphere (return to where Omega Weapon was fought after his defeat) It is recommended to use the diagram to get the Teleport Sphere by activating the glyphs. For that, the player must move to the west corridor from the entrance, follow the path up to a doormat glyph on the wall, head north to find a chamber with four chests, head northwest into a side corridor with another.Al Bhed Primer Vol. XX. AL Bhed Primer Vol. XXI. After meeting Cid, save at the save sphere and grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX lying nearby. After fending off the enemies, head inside and search the living quarters to find the Al Bhed Primer vol. XX on a bed and a handful of chests with passwords in Al Bhed that will require you to have found.